Off-Duty Federal Agent Shot At Home In Bay Area

A federal agent got shot just outside of his home in the Bay area, while he was off- duty, and the suspect was seen walking with a limp as he left the scene.

According to repots, the off-duty federal agent was hospitalized on Tuesday morning after he was shot during a confrontation outside his home in the Bay area.

Police Cmdr. Robert Douglas stated that the incident occurred around 5:50 AM and that the unknown suspect got away by leaving the scene of the crime in a vehicle.

The condition of the off-duty agent was not made available and authorities would not release information about which branch the man was involved in.

His neighbor stated that she heard people arguing outside, prior to hearing the gun shots. When she glanced outside of her home, she saw a man walking with a limp from the scene.

Another neighbor of the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous stated that they heard a minimum of six shots fired, then saw the man with blood on his shirt, lying in his driveway.

A man who has lived in this Bay area for six years, Jason McMahan, stated that his neighborhood was normally a quiet, pleasant place to live. At this time police have no suspects or motives in this case.

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