Officer To Be Executed Date Set For December For Florida Murder

A former police officer in Florida is scheduled to be executed December 11 for murder.

Manuel Pardo, 56, will finally be paying for the 3-month killing rampage he went on in 1986.

He will be executed at Starke’s Florida State Prison by lethal injection at 6 p.m. On Monday, Pardo was denied a request for stay by a federal judge.

According to police, most of Pardo’s victims were involved with drugs. Pardo argued that he was doing the world a favor by killing them in 1986.

“I am a soldier, I accomplished my mission, and I humbly ask you to give me the glory of ending my life and not send me to spend the rest of my days in state prison,” Pardo told jurors at his 1988 trial.

Pardo’s attorneys have been attempting to stop his execution; they have been arguing in federal appeals that the former officer is mentally ill.

Regino Musa, the brother of one of Pardo’s victims, said it’s difficult to grasp that the execution will finally happen. He and his elderly mother plan to attend.

“It’s about time. It’s been so long, you just want to get it over with,” said Musa, whose sister, Sara Musa, was killed by Pardo. “I still have nightmares and I don’t have words to describe it. I can’t believe that it’s happening.”

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