Oswalt Says Love Scene With Theron Was Underwear ‘Nightmare’

Oswalt Says Love Scene With Theron Was ‘Nightmare’ – Patton Oswalt spoke about his latest film and said the love scene with Charlize Theron was a complete ‘nightmare’ for the actor.

Shooting a love scene with Charlize would be a dream come true for many actors, but for Patton, who co-stars with the Oscar-winning actress in the new movie “Young Adult,” the experience wasn’t all that great.

“Why do I have to be in my underwear next to the most physically perfect person on the planet? Why couldn’t I have been next to John Goodman or Michael Moore in their underwear?” said Oswalt at the film’s premiere Thursday night. “It was a dream that turned into a nightmare.”

The dramedy, which opened in select cities Friday, stars Theron as Mavis Gary, a boozing, delusional author of young-adult novels who returns to her hometown to win back her happily married high-school sweetheart, played by Patrick Wilson.

Mavis forms an unlikely bond with nerdy former classmate Matt Freehauf, played by Oswalt.

Oswalt said he kept a souvenir from his time on the set with Theron — post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Every time I hear a car backfire, I think I’m getting naked again,” he joked.

The film, directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody, goes into wide release on Dec. 16.