Philadelphia Cyclists Bare All For Clean Air Bikes

Philadelphia cyclists bare all for clean air bikes. Philly naked bike ride to promote bicycles, clean air, and it’s all for fuel-conscious consumption. In bike rides 70 cities worldwide, cyclists bare it all in Philadelphia.

Cyclists call it the Center City for the Philadelphia Naked Bake Ride. At the beginning of the race, very few were actually riding bicycles without clothes. However, everyone seemed to add their own special touch to promote the event.

Bare all organizers of the event wanted to spotlight the vulnerability of cyclists. They wanted to make drivers aware of the need to share the road, and to make people feel better about their bodies. No matter what shape it is.

In bike rides 70 cities worldwide, Clifford Greer has chosen to bare-all and cycle “to promote fuel-conscious consumption” and bring more awareness to clean air. “That’s the No. 1 message that we’re trying to send,” Clifford Greer said in a statement. He is a stagehand, audiovisual technician, and lead organizer of the Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride, set to make its second annual appearance. “Turning your car into a bicycle and using it daily,” Greer added, “is probably the simplest thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.”

“These are the kinds of things that celebrate a city – that we can have fun and have fun on two wheels,” stated Alex Coty, executive director of the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, whose ambassadors were on hand to lecture on bicycle safety. “There’s lots of reasons why we can encourage people to bike – health, air quality. But in the end, the things that get people riding bikes is the joy of it,” Coty said.