Pizza Man Cocaine Delivery Sold To Undercover NYPD

A pizza man has been arrested for cocaine delivery after he was busted after an undercover operation by the NYPD. Ramon Rodriguez was arrested on numerous charges of sale of a controlled substance and one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Rodriguez has been caught in the act selling officers cocaine on 19 different occasions. He was first recorded selling it in 2011.

It appears that 45-year-old Rodriguez also really does deliver pizza for a living, for a Papa John’s restaurant in Brooklyn.

The pizza delivery man would meet clients in an area close to his home and even outside the diner where he is employed, undercover officers have recounted.

Rodriguez has sold a total of $40,000 recorded in transactions with said officers. He was finally booked on Wednesday, May 15, after trying to make a bigger sale of $27,500.

Rodriguez met the buyer, also an undercover officer, near a Fifth Avenue store in Sunset Park. He brought the merchandise wrapped up in a bag and put in a pizza box.In order to disguise the fact that he was selling drugs, he hid them with pizza and chicken nuggets. The district attorney’s office stated that 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of cocaine was recovered from the pizza box.

He was on the job at the time, and he was wearing the Papa John’s uniform when he was brought to the station.

This was not the first time that he made his cocaine deliveries on route to giving customers their pizza orders.

onathan Martinez, 28, was also arrested for sale of cocaine after Rodriguez got him in contact with an undercover policeman in November 2011.

He sold him 40 grams (1.4 ounces) of cocaine at the time.

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