Powell Brothers Funeral With Over 1,000 Mourners

The Powell brothers funeral was held Saturday with over 1,000 mourners in attendance.

During the boy’s funeral service family, friends, and teachers reminisced over the lives of Charlie and Braden Powell, the young brothers who were murdered by their father last week.

Then at their public memorial, their grandfather, Chuck Cox, thanked everyone for praying for them their family.

“It helps us to know that there are good people in the world,” Cox stated.

The service was held approximately 20 miles away from where the young brothers were killed at the Life Center Church in Tacoma. However, people came from as far away as Utah where the boys previously lived. Charlie and Braden were buried in a single coffin covered with flowers.

Braden, 5, and Charlie, 7, were killed in a gasoline-fueled fire set by their father, Josh Powell, while they were visiting him last Sunday. He is also a person of interest in the December 2009 disappearance of his wife, Susan Powell.

During the service Charlie’s kindergarten teacher, Tammy Ougheon stated, “He was an amazing young man. He had an appreciation of nature I had never seen in someone so young.”

“He is safe in his mother’s arms,” Ougheon added.

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