Powerball Winner Gets $245 Million Prize

Powerball Winner – One winner had a Powerball ticket worth $200,000 from the Oct. 29 drawing which was sold at a Cogos in Pittsburgh, PA., narrowly missing the gand prize that is now $245 million.

The ticket correctly matched all five white balls, 11-16-40-51-56, but not the red Powerball 38, for a $200,000 second-tier prize, less 25 percent federal withholding. In addition the retailer will receive a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Lottery officials cannot confirm the identity of the Oct. 29 winner until the prize is claimed and the ticket is validated. Pennsylvania Lottery players have one year from the drawing date to claim prizes.

The jackpot grew to an estimated annuity value of $245 million, or $146.2 million cash, for the Wednesday, Nov. 2 drawing.

In the 2009-10 fiscal year, in addition to awarding nearly $203.3 million in prizes to Allegheny County prizes, the Pennsylvania Lottery contributed more than $126.9 million to programs serving Allegheny County’s older residents.

Powerball features an option called Power Play, for an extra $1 per Powerball play (game). A player who matches five white balls and purchased Power Play wins $1 million. Other non-jackpot prizes are multiplied by the Power Play number drawn.

The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only state lottery that designates all its Powerball proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since its inception in 1971, the Pennsylvania Lottery has contributed nearly $21.5 billion to programs that include property tax and rent rebates; free transit and reduced-fare shared rides; the low-cost prescription drug programs PACE and PACENET; long-term living services; and the 52 Area Agencies on Aging, including full- and part-time senior centers throughout the state.

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