Prince Toilet Toss Starts Controversy For Future Dutch King

Most people are wondering what possessed Crown Prince Willem Alexander, the future Dutch King, to participate in a toilet toss competition. In fact, he’s quite good with the commode toss, and it only started when he was visiting a small eastern village of Rhenen.

The prince entered and won the contest, which is a traditional village game and something to be proud of. However, people in other parts of the country are scratching their heads, and see it as a complete embarrassment.

Once the pictures were made available for all to see, he quickly came under fire for his participation given his current position at the U.N. and history for helping underserved individuals around the globe.

At a recent speaking engagement in Rotterdam last week, the prince stated that he was embarrassed over the incident given that the toilets were part of a set of household objects that were meant for a development project in Gambia.

“Here in the Netherlands there are towns that take part in the throwing of toilet-bowls for a laugh,” he said.

“I participated with a smile,” he continued. “But not without shame in thinking about the some 2.6 billion people around the world that do not have this most basic infrastructure to fulfill a daily need with dignity.”

The act of tossing the brightly colored toilet could have been taken as an insensitive act by the prince as he has advocated for those in the past who live in unsanitary conditions and have limited access to clean water.

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