​Prince William Diaper: Williams Reveals True Fatherhood​​

By: | 08/05/2021 12:54 PM ET

Prince William is already joking about being on diaper duty, and he might be telling the truth. During a charity polo match, on Saturday, William gave the spectators a glimpse into his new life.

Prince William Diaper

The 31-year-old father and his younger brother Harry, 28, were playing at the Audi Polo Challenge in the English village of Ascot.

After Prince William scored the winning goal for his team, he was presented with a miniature sized polo stick for his newborn son, Prince George.

Jokingly, he asked if he’d be getting some nappies, the British term for diapers, telling spectators that he had to “pick some up on my way home.”

As for his performance for the match, “in baby mode out there, thinking about nappies. I wasn’t really in the zone,” William stated.

When questioned about baby George, William said, “likes to move around a lot. He wriggles a lot. He keeps on our toes.”

It’s safe to assume that Prince William headed straight to the store on his way home from the match to pick up some diapers.