Ron Jeremy, Luka Magnotta To Meet Before Killer Was Caught

Ron Jeremy had planned to lure accused Canadian cannibal Luka Magnott a year before the alleged killer was captured in Germany.

The idea was to have the porn star invite the killer, a small-time porn actor who became infamous after allegedly videotaping the slaughter of a lover, to audition for a video — then grab him when he arrived on the set, according to the New York Daily news.

Jeremy, who has performed in more than 2,000 porn movies, was eager to help when the idea was first proposed to him last year, said Sia Barbi, a former Playboy playmate who made the pitch to the porn star.

“When Sia came to me about this guy a few months ago, she knew about my ads for Peta,” Jeremy told the Daily News on Wednesday. “My first reaction was, ‘What are you smoking?’ Then I thought about it and decided this is a good idea.

Magnotta was nabbed last month at a Berlin Internet cafe where he was reading news accounts about himself. He was charged with killing and mutilating lover Lin Jun and deported back to Canada to stand trial.

Magnotta sparked an international manhunt after he posted video of himself dismembering Jun while a song from the movie “American Psycho” played in the background.

The plot to nab Magnotta was dreamed up in January 2011 by Rescue Ink, a Long Island-based group of tattooed tough-guy animal activists who star in a reality TV show.

Magnotta, 29, had appalled animal lovers by posting videos of himself killing kittens with a vacuum cleaner and feeding a live kitty to a python.

To reach Jeremy, Rescue Ink reached out to his pals — Sia and Shane Barbi, better known as the Barbi Twins.

Sia Barbi said she agreed to contact Jeremy, a Queens native who advocates for animal rights when he’s not making porn movies.

Barbi said Jeremy quickly agreed to play along, but was a bit confused at first about what they were asking him to do.

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