Rory Nelson Eaten By Black Bear – Attacks On The Rise in B.C.

Convicted killer Rory Nelson was found eaten by a black bear, which was later euthanized, after he was reported missing on May 23rd, and officials say that attacks are on the rise in B.C. and are warning the public to be careful.

Nelson, along with two others, had been convicted of killing a man in 1993 who had been suspected of sexually assaulting a family member, but had gone unpunished by the courts.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were not sure if the bear or an overdose of drugs and alcohol was the cause of Nelson’s death. They had found his 1986 Volkswagen Jetta with evidence that a black bear had broken into it, ate parts of his body and then dragged the rest of the carcass off and buried it for a later meal.

“The driver’s window of the vehicle was down and investigators noted numerous muddy animal prints and scratches on the car,” police said.

Officials “discovered the body in the surrounding bush, about 120 meters from the vehicle,” they added.

However, a bottle of alcohol and drug paraphernalia were also found in the car, and the coroner was waiting on toxicology reports to come back to determine the amounts in his system at the time of his death.

Conservation officers later tracked the black bear believed to be the culprit in the incident and had to put him down, even though Nelson may have already died of natural causes.

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