Roy Kronk Sues Casey Anthony For $15,000 For Defamation

Roy Kronk Sues Casey Anthony – Roy Kronk is seeking $15,000 and sues Casey Anthony for defamation of character. Kronk, who was employed as a meter reader, found the remains of Caylee in the woods near her home. He says that his reputation has been tarnished because of the description about him during the murder trial.

Kronk argues that he was described painted a suspect and a “bad guy” through Anthony’s murder trial in Orlando, Florida.

The paperwork was filed by Royo’s attorney, who released a statement:

“Casey Anthony, through her attorneys, made statements too numerous to recite,” It went on to say, “The ‘false and defamatory statements involving Kronk, include that,’ he was Caylee’s killer; he is a child snatcher; he is guilty; he played a role in placing the body; he removed the remains; he planted the remains; and is morally bankrupt, took the body and hid it.”

Kronk is seeking $15,000 in damages from Casey and a jury trial in the suit.

Anthony’s alibi, according attorney Jose Baez during the criminal trial, was that Caylee had drowned in the family pool.

“If Casey Anthony’s story is true that Caylee Anthony drowned in the family swimming pool on June 16, 2008, then she knew that the statements she authorized and permitted her agents to publish were false,” Roy’s suit states.

Roy Kronk isn’t the only person on the Casey Anthony sued mission. She’s facing two other civil suits brought against her since the end of the trial.

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