Rudy Eugene Autopsy Reveals No Flesh in Stomach

A Miami law enforcement source said that there might not be evidence to describe Rudy Eugene as a cannibal because the official autopsy revealed that there was no flesh in his stomach at the time of death.

Eugene was shot by police while chewing off the face of a homeless man on Miami’s busy MacArthur Causeway on May 26.

The Miami Herald reports that “a number” of undigested pills were found in Eugene’s stomach, but they have not yet been identified. Toxicology reports on Eugene, who according to CBS has been confirmed to have smoked marijuana in the hours before the attack, could take weeks to months to complete.

The autopsy finding that Eugene had no human flesh in his stomach jibes with the crime-scene investigation, which found chunks of Poppo’s flesh on the ground, as if they had been spit out. The autopsy also revealed human flesh lodged between the teeth of Eugene, who did not have his two top front teeth, the law enforcement source said. Eugene is known to have lost his two-front teeth in an accident as a child.

Police found a set of gold teeth in the pockets of his pants discarded on the causeway.

The victim, Ronald Poppo, remains in extremely critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Police have speculated that Eugene may have ingested a synthetic drug — possibly bath salts — the ill effects of which might have prompted the attack. No drug paraphernalia was discovered at the scene of the crime, and investigators are reportedly still trying to piece together all of Eugene’s activities on South Beach.

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