Rudy Eugene And Melton Bowen Altercation In 2007: ‘I’m going to kill you’

Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene has threatened former professional heavyweight boxer Melton Bowen with “I’m going to kill you” in 2007, long before his mother and girlfriend defended the zombie attack last week.

Bowen believes Eugene had some major anger issues and really wasn’t the placid, bible thumping nice guy his family was describing.

Moreover, Bowen tells 7News that five years ago Eugene went into a fit of rage over something trivial and threatened to kill him over it.

Apparently, in 2007, the two men meet each other while working side by side at a North Miami flea market. The former boxer says the argument started over music and who knew more.

Bowen says before he knew it, Eugene ripped his shirt off and started coming at him shouting, ‘I’m not scared of no one. Im going to kill you!”

But Bowen said the outburst ended as quickly as it started after he knocked him out with one punch. “What goes through my mind? I’m a fighter,” he said.

Still even with the anger issues, after hearing about the incident a week ago where Eugene had to be gunned down after being found to be chewing a homeless mans’ face off, he doesn’t know how that can happen.

“I can’t believe a man could do that,” Bowen said in a statement.

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