Saudi Arabia Lingerie Law Prohibits Men In Stores (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabia Lingerie Law – Saudi Arabia will begin enforcing a law that only allows females to work in women’s lingerie stores, despite disapproval from the country’s top cleric.

The law was drawn up in 2006 banning men from working in female lingerie shops, apparel, and cosmetics. However the law was never enforced because of Islamic religious beliefs in the region. The top cleric says that women should not be working in the same places that men and women congregate.

Previously only men where allowed to work in the stores but Saudi women protested against the shops after not wanting to have to buy their undergarments from men while being chaperoned by a male relative.

Due to religious laws in Saudi Arabia unrelated men and women remain highly segregated and the Islamic law dictates how they are allowed to interact in public.

Slowly but surely it is getting better for women in the country as more and more women have been able to gain higher level jobs such as teachers and doctors.

“The employment of women in stores that sell female apparel and a woman standing face to face with a man selling to him without modesty or shame can lead to wrongdoing, of which the burden of this will fall on the owners of the stores,” he said, urging store owners to fear God and not compromise on taboo matters.”

Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s top cleric says the decision contradicts Islamic law.

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