​Shooting LeBron Shoes: Man Killed Over LeBron Sneakers​​

By: | 06/25/2013 10:44 AM ET

A shooting suspect ended up dead in Atlanta’s Little Five Points area attempted to steal LeBron James shoes from a group of people who were outside of Wish waiting in line.

A man, who tried to rob a group of people waiting in line to buy the new $180 LeBron James sneakers, was shot and killed when one of the customers pulled out a gun, Atlanta police said.

Police spokesman: “This appears to be self-defense,” and the customer was not charged.

According to witnesses, the thief pulled out a gun, and attempted to rob the crowd. The deceased man has not been identified.

One of the men within the group took out his own handgun and fired, said Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos.

“A number of witnesses were interviewed, and this appears to be self-defense,” he said.

The shooter had a valid concealed weapons license. After he cooperated with authorities, he was returned to his place in line to get his Denim LeBron Xs.