Soccer Mom Madam Arrest Tears Family Apart

Anna Gristina is the alleged soccer mom and paid madam.

In an interview aired on “TODAY” in June, the alleged New York soccer mom who also was a paid madam said that the publicity surrounding her arrest is tearing her family apart.

The 44-year-old mother of four is accused of renting a out a New York City apartment to set up meetings, with a supposed high profile list of clients, and prostitutes under her employ. She claims to have been running a dating business and not a prostitution ring.

She tells NBC’s Matt Lauer, from Rikers Island, that her time in jail awaiting trial is easy for her compared to what it is like for her family.

“I think it’s my family who suffer, because I’m able to at least hide in here from it all,” she says.

She went on to explain that her family is constantly being hounded by the press and questions about her.

“My children, they get followed by the press,” she said. “My husband almost got run off the road yesterday by press.”

“It’s caused my son to come out of school at one point. It’s caused my daughter to suffer from anxiety and she’s seeing a doctor. It’s just decimating my family,” she adds.

During the interview Gristina’s lawyer, remarked again that prosecutors, who had Gristina under investigation for 5 years, are wrong in the promoting prostitution charges against his client, and that she was running a completely legal dating service for “married” men.

“Very much like,” Pattis told Lauer.

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