Soldiers Locate Misspell Name On Vietnam Wall

Soldiers Misspell Vietnam Wall – Imagine going to war when you’re only 23 years old and the military misspells you name? Soldiers of a friend who died in Vietnam in 1965 have that problem and they’ve been trying to get it fixed on the Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Sgt. Stephen Hiett Phillips was killed in action when he was just 23, but his identity was entered incorrectly into the Combat Area Casualties Current File, which is maintained by the National Archives.

The file shows his first name as “SHEPHEN” and was transferred to the wall the same way in 1982.

Both of Phillip’s friends Pete Neumann and Larry Thompson say they have been trying to find someone to take responsibility and get the name corrected on the wall but have found no help.

“Most the time, I do not even get the courtesy of a return call or message,” says Neumann, who first spotted the error.

Thompson said he had visited the wall on 4 occasions and never noticed the era until Neumann pointed it out to him.

“In other cases, I am being told ‘not responsible, not our job,’ ” Neumann added.

Both Thompson and Neumann say they even have tried to get a hold of someone related to Phillip’s but have been unable to track down any family members.

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