Sonya Thomas Eats 183 Wings At Buffalo Wing Contest

Sonya Thomas now calls Buffalo her second home because she’s eaten more chicken wings in five sittings than many people in 50 servings.

In fact, the locals are proud to accept her as one of their own, after winning the National Buffalo Wing Eating Contest. Thomas beat her pervious world record by eating 183 wings in 12 minutes, earning her the top cash prize of $1,500.

Moreover, Sonya won the contest for the fifth straight year. She only weighs 105 pounds and is from Alexandria, Virginia.

“This is my new home now, they can’t touch me!” Thomas said after her victory over Joey Chestnut, who is rated the No. 1 competitive eater in the world by Major League Eating.

Chestnut, of San Jose, California, is known throughout the world for his five straight victories at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held July 4 each year at Coney Island. He finished 174 wings on Sunday, almost a full single order short of Sonya Thomas.