South Carolina Truck Testicles Puts One Man In Jail

A man in South Carolina gets arrested after being pulled over earlier this week for illegally displaying novelty testicles on the back of his truck.

A Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the 31-year-old Joe Cervantes-Rodriguez, when he noticed the novelty items hanging as Rodriguez was driving.

According to South Carolina law it is illegal to display any object which is considered obscene when “taken as a whole, it describes, in a patently offensive way, as determined by contemporary community standards…parts of the human body” and also “lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”

The deputies report read, “This vehicle was displaying an obscene object from the rear bumper. This object was a pair of large fleshy testicles. This item was flesh colored, anatomically correct, approximately the size of a softball, and in clear view of the public and other motorist.”

After pulling Rodriguez over it was also discovered he had no legal driver’s license in any state to drive a vehicle, and was arrested for that reason while he also received a citation for the truck testicles.

Rodriguez had claimed he had just moved to the area from Mexico 6 months ago and had a current registration for the vehicle and insurance but did not have a licence yet.

Before being taken to jail the deputy had Rodriguez remove the obscene display from the truck and then allowed him to call someone to come pick up the vehicle.

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