How Stephanie Decker Saved Her Children During A Tornado

Stephanie Decker – The Indiana women, named Stephanie Decker who lost her legs in a tornado while shielding her two children is currently in stable condition but is scheduled to have more surgery on Thursday.

Joe Decker, Stephanie’s husband said on the day the storms hit, he was at work as an algebra teacher at the Silver Creek High School in Sellersburg. Joe said he mulled over the descion of wether to try to go out into the storm to make it home in Marysville, where Stephanie and 8-year-old son Dominic and 5-year-old daughter Reese where preparing to ride out the storm.

Joe texted Stephanie to get the kids and herself into the basement of their large brick and stone home on 15 acres of land. Stephanie texted him back saying that she had tied a large blanket around the kids and herself and where in their walk-in basement that contained a wall of windows and french doors.

She text Joe to say that she saw the approaching tornado moving across their property and that the whole house was shaking. After that he tried to text her back to sees if they where ok several times but did not get a response.

Afterwards Stephanie said that she could feel the tornado tear the house apart around them when she through herself on top of the blanket covered children. She said the storm moved them about and wedged them into an area of the home but she was able to keep a hold of the kids the whole time. After calling out to make sure the kids were ok, and they responded back that they where, Domonic ran to a neighbors home for help.

The neighbor realizing how badly Stephanie was injured tracked down an officer on an ATV that applied tourniquets to her legs to limit the blood loss.

After finding that the roadways where blocked by downed trees, Joe had to start making his way home on foot until he was picked up by some men, that took him the rest of the way. When he got to his property he found that the home was gone but his children where with the neighbor uninjured. He was told that Stephanie was taken to the local hospital were the same men that drove him home took him to, just before she was airlifted to the University of Louisville medical center where she is being treated.

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