Steven Powell Voyeurism Verdict Guilty On 14 Counts

Steven Powell, the father of Josh Powell who blew himself and his two children up in a Washington home earlier this year, was found guilty of 14 counts of voyeurism stemming from what police found while investigating his son.

Josh died while being investigated for the disappearance of his wife Susan Powell.

As police were searching for clues at Steven’s residence in the 2009 disappearance, they came across several photos of young girls and women in different stages of undress on a disc that he had taken for his own personnel sexual gratification without the female’s knowledge.

The jury convicted Powell on all 14 counts despite defense attorneys arguing that there was reasonable doubt involved. His sentencing is set for June 15 were he faces four years in prison with state prosecutors looking to extend that time due to alleged aggravating factors.

The disc containing the photos, was apparently found in a box in Steven’s Utah home while Josh had been staying with him. Steven had admitted the contents of the box were his and not his son’s.

Susan Powell went missing from West Valley City, Utah, and was last seen on December 6, 2009.

Her disappearance has garnered national press attention, and the police investigation is ongoing with the now dead Josh the prime suspect.

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