Stevie Crecelius Is A Woman – Father Of Six Married For 25 Years

Stevie Crecelius, formally Steve, who now is considered a woman, 5 years ago learned she was not a male like she thought all her life she was, due to a rare mix of anatomical sex traits, and is now deciding to tell her story.

Crecelius, who has been married twice, currently to Debbie Crecelius for 20 years, and had two children from his first marriage, found out she was actually female when she had to go to the Denver Hospital to get the results of a kidney stone exam when the lab tech told them, “You’re female!”

Crecelius was considered intersex, and the biological gender could not be classified as either male or female having the parts of both sexes.

Stevie said he was always confused by his own sexual feelings dressing in his mother’s clothes and makeup as a child secretly, but tried to hide behind a male persona most of her life, thinking that was truly what she was.

“When I was 17, I was working my first part-time job at a TV station as a floor cameraman and the person in charge said to me, ‘You know, you walk like a queer,'” Crecelius told Fox 31 in Denver. “I thought I was hiding who I was, and I wasn’t.”

Meanwhile, the test results confirmed what Debbie had always suspected and wanted to talk about, but Stevie never wanted to admit too out of embarrassment. However, ever since being told of the medical condition, Stevie has begun to embrace it.

She had slowly broken the news to his family members one by one, all of which supported her. After about a year after the revaluation Stevie also began wearing women’s clothing.

Debbie has accepted the new gender of her partner saying she is still the same person on the inside as she was when she was a he. She also jokingly said after 20 years to have to start over and break in someone new would be too much work.

Together the couple have six children, 4 from a previous marriage Debbie had been a part of, all of which have also embraced the new family dynamic.

“People need to be accepting and understand,” Stevie told ABC News. “I was born this way, and loving each other and supporting each other will always be the main factor in our household.”

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