Student Suspended After Disarming Gunman, Punished By High School

A Florida student was suspended from high school after disarming a gunman on a school bus. The suspect allegedly pointed the weapon at his face and threatened to shoot him.

The incident happened on a school bus between two football players. The gunman was a teammate who pointed the weapon. After a brief struggle, the weapon was removed from the suspect.

Now the 16-year-old Cypress Lake High School student in Fort Meyers, Florida, was suspended for three days following the altercation on the bus ride home.

The student, who does not want to be identified out of fear for his safety, said the football player was threatening to shoot a teammate with the loaded .22 caliber RG-14 revolver. He grappled with the suspect and disarmed him, afterward saying there was “no doubt” he saved a life by doing so. Another person who witnessed the incident on the bus said of the suspect, “I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there.”

The teen’s mother told local media: “If they would’ve did what they had to do on that bus, I think there would have been a lot of fatalities.”

Police reports state the suspected gunman was charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. There was no video of the incident because school bus surveillance cameras weren’t operational.

“It’s dumb,” said the teen. “How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?”

The answer could be the Florida law, which allows administrators to place anyone involved in such an incident on emergency suspension pending a hearing.

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