Sub Commander Removed After Dangerous Collision With Another Vessel

A Navy sub commander has been removed from his post on the USS Montpelier after colliding with a guided-missle cruiser off the coast of Florida during routine training operations because of a loss of confidence to command.

Cmdr. Thomas Winter has been reassigned to administrative duties at Submarine Force Atlantic headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

The dismissal comes nearly three months after the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine collided with the USS San Jacinto.

No one was injured.

The Navy said in a statement that an investigation revealed that the primary cause was human error, poor teamwork by the submarine’s watch team and the commanding officer’s failure to follow procedures for submarines operating at periscope death.

The investigation also revealed unspecified “contributing factors” related to training and oversight within Fleet Forces Command.

The incident will lead to a review of training structures and preparation for exercises involving submarines and surface ships, said Lt. Cmdr. Brian Badura, a spokesman for Fleet Forces.

Eventually, training will be provided to all staff on lessons learned from the collision, Badura said.

Cmdr. Stephen Mongold replaces Winter, who has been placed on administrative duty at Submarine Force Atlantic in Norfolk.

The commanding officer of the San Jacinto is not facing disciplinary action at this time, Badura said.

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