Subway Hero Mystery (Photo)

Subway hero is absolute mystery man. The Brooklyn photographer who survived a subway fall wants to meet the hero. Jessica Oshita fell onto the tracks of an oncoming subway train when someone, known as the hero, came along and saved her life on Tuesday afternoon.

“She does want to thank the person who saved her and wishes that he would come forward,” Jessica Oshita’s father, Gary, said in a statement. “She hit her head pretty hard,” he said. His daughter fainted and fell onto the train track after cutting her foot as she entered Union Square. Then, out of nowhere, a man leaped down on the track and saved her from the oncoming train.

Oshita, 26, is doing fine but wants to meet the mystery man, so she can thank him for saving her life. The man simply faded away quickly and may have had personal reasons for not wanting his name public. For the very reason, his brave actions sprang from what is most fundamentally him, it must have seemed the only thing he could have done.

“Either you jump down and help, and you don’t think about it, or you don’t do anything and wonder why,” the fire lieutenant said. Moreover, anyone that fundamentally decent is also likely too decent to seek recognition or game. “They see somebody needs help, and they react and then they walk away. They’re not looking for accolades.”