SWAT Has New Secret Weapon Against Criminals

It appears SWAT teams have a new weapon against criminals, that may not be so secret anymore, called the “Dumbbell” because of its appearance and what it exactly does.

The dumbbell is actually a small, very rugged remote controlled robotic device with cameras on it. The inventor of the device says that police swat teams can use the device to access situations before blindly running into them, as well as help firefighters find people trapped in burning buildings.

“It’s rugged, stealthy, mobile and unfailingly dependable, and it’s designed to take whatever abuse the job demands,” ReconRobotics website claims. “Throw it through a window, over a wall, or down the stairs and it lands ready-to-go. You can even drop it from an unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle.”

The website goes on to say, “Once deployed, you can control its movement at a distance using a hand-held operator control unit. The Recon Scout helps you explore hostile or dangerous environments by providing real-time mission-critical reconnaissance video that enables your teams to act quickly, safely and decisively.”

According to a Huffington Post report, the San Diego Police department recently used the ‘Dumbbell’ in a bank robbery situation where it located two bank tellers hiding, that were able to be rescued.

However, not everyone believes throwing such a device into a hostile situation is the best idea. A contributer to a Huffington Post blog said that the use of the device is, “Moronic. The number-one thing any SWAT team should want going in is the element of surprise. Tossing this thing in basically says ‘Hey, we’re coming in! Get your guns ready!'”

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