SWAT Training Guns Stolen, LAPD Chief Says It’s Embarrassing

LAPD SWAT training guns were stolen from a secured building last week. The Special Weapons and Tactics department is missing several S MP-5 submachine guns, large caliber handguns, which were used to only fire blanks. The LAPD Chief says it’s embarrassing.

SWAT Training Guns Stolen, LAPD Chief Says It’s Embarrassing

“This is a big deal, We’re concerned. We want to recover them.” said LAPD SWAT Deputy Chief Michael Downing.

The submachine and caliber guns were moved Wednesday night to a secured facility at 14th and San Pedro streets downtown and stored in a locked box on the first floor, Downing stated.

The unguarded building was considered secure, told the Los Angeles Times. “I guess ‘secure’ is all relative now,” he added. “It’s a lesson learned.”

The facility is about a mile from the headquarters. It was donated to the department and has no alarm or surveillance systems.

SWAT members were scheduled to train at the building Thursday, but a police officer arriving at about 9 a.m. found that the weapons were missing, Downing stated. Thieves cut locks on an outside door and two inside doors and forced their way through a metal roll gate, he stated.

“You wonder if this was a planned operation, what information they had, whether they were conducting surveillance,” Downing said.