Sweethearts In College, Now They Marry 60 Years Later

An elderly Tennessee couple now in their 80s who happened to be college sweethearts then went their separate ways have come back together to marry 60 years later.

Both Peggy Schuster and Rev. Henry Freund attended Rhodes College in Memphis during the 1950s, when it was formally called Southwestern college. The two often sat together in their classes and began dating but after graduating went their separate ways getting married to other people.

The two became reacquainted when they saw each other at a church event in Memphis in 2001. Freund who had already lost his wife learned that Peggy was also widowed, and later wrote her to offer sympathy. Peggy had waited another 10 years before giving Henry her e-mail address and the two started communicating again.

Freund said after getting married this past Sunday to Schuster 60 years later, “It didn’t take long for the spark that had survived for 60 years to burst into flames.”

“Renewal took shape as Cupid’s arrow zeroed in on the couple (and they) decided they would spend the remainder of their days as husband and wife,” Freund told the Dyersburg State Gazette.

Both are living together happily ever after in an assisted-living home.

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