Teen Sentenced To 97 Years

A 19-year-old Virginia teen, Raymond Lewis Perry, is sentenced to 97 years in prison in federal court Monday for several crimes related to robberies in two states.

Court records show Perry robbed a pizzeria, a convenience store and a gas station in Virginia Beach in September 2010.

Perry had shot the attendant at the gas station but that person did not die. In the same month he also robbed two grocery stores in which he was also convicted for.

An accomplice of Perry’s, Wade Watford was also indicted on robbery charges stemming from the robberies. A third unidentified juvenile involved was indicted on the same charges as Watford.

Back in June Perry was convicted of convicted on charges of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by means of robbery, three counts of interference with commerce by means of robbery, and four counts of using a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

Each count the teen was convicted of carried a different sentence. All of which added together came to nearly 97 years. There was no word on when Perry would be able to receive parole.