Texas Man Kills Daughter’s Molester, Neighbor Defends Father

A 24-year-old Texas father reportedly heard his 5-year-old daughter screaming and saw a man allegedly molesting his daughter, so he beat him to death, and the case was ruled a homicide ever since.

The man’s name was Jesus Mora Flores. The coroner’s report stated Flores died due to blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

The father phoned 911. Two of the little girl’s relatives, an aunt and her grandfather, tried to revive Flores while they waited for the first responders to arrive on the scene. On the 911 call, the father is heard saying, “Hurry, he’s dying on me!”

The District Attorney in the state of Texas opted not to press charges. It was decided this was not self defense, but defense of his daughter and the man was on his property.

When I heard about this, as I had just finished my television appearance on Fox News Channel, it reminded me of Ellie Nesler. Nesler had gone into a courtroom in California and shot the man alleged of molesting her son and three other boys. She shot him five times in the head, and he died instantly. She was charged and served a few years in prison.

Some say that both of these are examples of vigilante justice. Some say Nesler’s crime was premeditated, unlike the father in Texas. Some worry that a lack of charges against this father will result in more parents taking the law into their own hands. And of course, some feel that Flores, as despicable as what he was alleged to be doing was, did deserve his day in court: Innocent until proven guilty.

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