Tim Larkin Banned In UK Due To Martial Arts

While trying to board a plane in Las Vegas headed for the UK, American martial arts expert Tim Larkin was informed he was banned from entering the English country due to fears it was not in the best interest of the people of England to have him there.

Larkin was scheduled to be in Birmingham, England at the Martial Arts Show on May 12 and 13th were he was to be the keynote speaker. However, coupled with recent rioting in England and a 2009 visit by Larkin, who held a seminar that was believed he was trying to teach vigilante violence, he was unwelcome to return.

Tim Larkin tried to explain to the BBC that there was a misunderstanding among residents of England about his teachings of self-defense.

“There is nothing outrageous about it, there’s nothing that I’m going around to incite violence or to incite vigilantism – that’s a characterization of the people who hear my opinions on self-defense,” he says.

Either way he was handed a letter from the UK boarder agency that read, “The home secretary will seek to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the U.K. is not conducive to the public good.”

Larkin, who runs Target Focus Training, said that the ban to enter the UK was due to a “gross overreaction.”

“The more you know about lethal applications to the body, the less violent you are. You don’t go out seeking it, and you certainly wouldn’t misuse the tool,” Larkin said.

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