Tornado Palm Coast Causes Damage To Several Homes

Tornado Palm Coast Damage

A tornado hit areas of Palm Coast Saturday night, leaving damage in parts of the coastline, according to the National Weather Service. Meteorologist Scott Cordero said the EF1 tornado was packing 105 mph winds. No injuries were reported in the rough weather.

Palm Coast spokeswoman Cindi Lane said seven homes were destroyed and 22 homes had moderate damage.

As many as 142 homes sustained minor damage. The total value of the damage was estimated at $5,355,611.

A tornado warning was issued a few minutes before 7 p.m. Shortly after that, residents began calling 911 to report the damage.

“We are fine, but a tornado just hit our house,” said 911 caller.

“My windshield is smashed through and one of my side windows is and I don’t know if there are any other cars involved or what,” said another 911 caller.

“He went to the closet with one dog and I stood in the middle of the living room saying, ‘Oh my God. Oh my god.’ I could hear all of the trees coming down. All of our backyard is gone,” said homeowner Phyllis Lytal.

Trees were toppled in submission to nature’s fury, taking out power lines, street signs and windows in its path.

“(It was a) pretty impressive work of nature. (We’re) lucky no one was hurt,” said resident Bill Worth.

“I think it’s a way for God to wake us up a bit, shake the humble heart. (It) makes people thankful for what you have,” said neighbor Leann Johnston.

At the first light Sunday morning, the devastation caused by the winds became clear.

Russ Mairoana took his drone out to get an aerial view, and he said he couldn’t believe the amount of destruction caused by a funnel that churned for less than a minute.

“I just followed the disaster trail,” Mairoana said. “But there is a good side to this. Nobody got hurt, nobody got killed.”

“I have a tree going through my garage, shingles everywhere. (The) tree went through the garage and ripped out all of the wire,” said resident Eric Niemi.

“It’s unbelievable. I only live a few houses away, and I didn’t get any damage,” Worth said.

Government workers and power crews converged on the B section of Palm Coast to render aid, restore power and assess damage.

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