Tornado Leaves One Dead, Spurred By Tropical Storm Debby

On Sunday, Tropical Storm Debby battered Florida, generating tornadoes in the central region that led to one fatality.

The emergency operation’s spokeswoman for Highland County, Gloria Rybinski, reported that four homes, in the southern region of the county, were destroyed by two twisters and other were left with damage.

The woman who died was found at her home in Venus, which is approximately located between Port St. Lucie and Sarasota according to Rybinski. There was also a injured child, at another affected home, who was taken to a local hospital.

According to the National Hurricane Center’s 7 p.m. (8 p.m. ET) update on Sunday Debby was packing 60 mph winds as her eye was still 115 miles south-southwest of Apalachiocola, Florida. More damage is probable within the next few day.

All Central Florida counties are under a tornado watch until 2 p.m. today, according to meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Melbourne.

“These tornadoes are characterized by rapid development and also dissipate quickly,” said senior meteorologist John Pendergrast. “These are small cells that sometimes don’t produce any lightning and are basically rotating showers that can produce damage.”

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