Trayvon Martin Not Shot In Self Defense, Family Claims

Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot on the way home by a 28-year-old community watch member in Sanford, Florida. The man claims he shot the boy in self defense. The family is asking the FBI to get involved.

It all happened on the night of February 26th as Martin, an African American, was watching a basketball game on TV at his father’s girlfriends house in a gated community, when he decided to walk down to the local convenience store for a snack during a break in the game, according to the family.

While on his way home, he was spotted by a white, 28-year-old community watch member, George Zimmerman. Zimmerman made a 911 call claiming that it looked like Martin was up to no good and looked intoxicated.

Even though the 911 dispatcher recommended that he do nothing else and an officer was enroute, Zimmerman then followed Martin in his SUV, before confronting him, which led to an altercation in where Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest killing him, in what he claims to be self defense. However, now the 911 tapes released on that night may say otherwise.

Zimmerman claimed afterwards that Martin was walking around slowly in the rain with his hand in his waistband and looking at houses. The only thing found on Martin was a bag of Skittles and an iced tea.

In the 911 call, Zimmerman is heard telling the dispatcher, “These a——-. They always get away.”

Several other 911 calls from witnesses claim that there was a fight or scuffle going on outside, with someone yelling for help before a gunshot was heard. “(Zimmerman) was chasing him, he was following him, and my son was afraid,” Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, told the AP. “He didn’t know who this stranger was.”

One witness making one of the 911 calls has come forward to say she does not believe the shooting was in self defense. “I feel it was not self-defense, because I heard the crying, and if it was Zimmerman that was crying, Zimmerman would have continued crying after the shot went off,” said Mary Kutcher, speaking to television reporters.

After no arrest or charges were filed against Zimmerman the Martin family says they no longer trust the Sanford Police department and are asking the FBI to get involved. FBI agent David Couvertier said they have contacted the police department and are reviewing the case.

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