Trump Tower Jumpers: Leaping Jumpers From 92-Story Floor

Trump Tower cameras in Chicago caught three men who used the stairs to access the roof of the 92-story skyscraper, and now police are searching for the jumpers.

Chicago Police are searching for three men after releasing security video shots as they used the stairs to access the roof of the 92-story skyscraper.

“I think first time I crawled over the ledge, I would be terrified,” one person told FOX 32 News. “And with these wind currents and everything I think that gentleman would have to have, I think in Spanish they would say cuevas?”

“I mean it’s the perfect building to do it from,” another adds. “You got a beautiful area around here: best building and the best place in the city. I’m not really a daredevil. I wouldn’t do it but I give props to people who do do it.”

According to Chicago police, the three men who parachuted off the roof of Trump International Hotel and Tower early Thursday apparently planned to record their 92-story fall with head-mounted video cameras.

Police spokesman John Mirabelli said Friday the men were spotted on security video climbing stairs inside North America’s second-tallest building in downtown Chicago.

Detectives are sill combing through video evidence of the jumpers and are hoping that witnesses will come forward with information about the three men.

Unfortunately, they were called nearly 2 1/2 hours after the three men were already gone.

These men could face trespassing charges among others.

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