TV Weatherman Shot By Former Roommate Using Crossbow

During a home invasion, the TV weatherman for a local CBS affiliate WJHL was shot by his former roommate with a crossbow.

Monday morning, Gerald Taylor, 53, was arrested for breaking into a home he once lived in with Rob Williams and shooting him with a crossbow. Allegedly, Taylor also shot at him with a pistol, but he missed, according to Johnson City police.

According to authorities, Taylor ran from the scene, but he was quickly taken into custody at a boat dock situated under the residence.

“Mr. Taylor was found to have a pistol in his hand when approached by officers and after a brief stand-off, and being tased by officers, he was taken into custody without further incident,” police said in a statement.

Prior to this incident, on May 29, Williams forced Taylor to leave the property by serving him with an order of protection according to Johnson City Police. There has not been any word about why the former roommates are no longer getting along.

The meteorologist is happy to report that he is recovering and thanked viewer for their concern.

“I am working with police as they continue their investigation into this matter. I’m looking forward to returning on air very soon,” he said in a statement issued to his station WJHL.

Taylor’s charges include violation of an order of protection, aggravated burglary, and attempted first-degree murder.

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