Two Shot At Funeral By Disciples Gang Members

Two men were shot at a funeral in Chicago on Monday, which police believe were likely targets of retribution from ongoing gang violence in the city’s South Side.

Sadly, the shooting left one man dead and another “extremely critical.” The home-going services were for a man killed recently in alleged gang warfare.

The shooting took place while hundreds of mourners were packed inside St. Columbanus Church.

The two victims were alleged members of the Gangster Disciples aka GDs, according to Chicago police investigators.

Rev. Corey Brooks had just completed the eulogy for James Holman, 32, and was exiting the church when the shooting began.

“We had the funeral about 12:15. I was finishing up the eulogy, so I went down and asked the family can I get permission to leave, and they were fine with it. So when I was out the side, they were going out the front with family and friends. That’s when the all the gunfire broke out and it was just crazy. There was hollering and screaming and kids were running everywhere,” she said about the Chicago funeral shooting.

Brooks went on to say he believes the alleged shooters were present when the two were shot at the funeral.

Rev. Brooks also pointed out the changing climate today on how people — particularly the youth of inner-city America — have little regard for life.

“Now we are living at a day and time where these younger criminals have no regard for life or for street rules,” he added about the South Side shooting.

Sources say, of the 470 homicide victims in Chicago for 2012 so far, half are members of the GDs. What’s more, 60 percent of the city’s murders are thought to be gang-related.

While police are still investigating the funeral shootings, authorities note there is ongoing conflict between the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples.

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