Underwear Bomber Gets Life In Prison

Underwear Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to set off a powdered explosive packet that was sewn into the lining of his undergarment.

He was aboard a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day 2009, which originated from Amsterdam.

However, he was unsuccessful in his attempt, and he was arrested and charged with eight separate felony counts, that included attempted murder.

Last October he pleaded guilty to the charges, and on Thursday, US District Judge Nancy Edmunds sentenced him to five life prison sentences and 20 years each for the remaining three charges.

During sentencing Judge Edmunds said, “This is an act of terrorism that cannot be quarreled with, (Abdulmutallab) poses a significant ongoing threat to US citizens everywhere.”

Aboard the Northwest flight, as it was approaching its landing in Detroit, the bomber attempted to kill all 279 passengers and 11 crew members by setting off the bomb concealed in his underwear. Passengers were able to subdue him after he set his clothes and the wall of the plane next to him on fire.

Abdulmutallab was born in Nigeria, but he was trained, and supplied by Al-Qaeda to carry out the attempted attack. He purchased his ticket in Ghana for cash then flew to Amsterdam to board the connecting flight to Detroit.

Somehow, Abdulmutallab made it on to the flight without a passport, even after being stopped by a ticket taker for not having one. Passengers speculated if the US government had supplied him with a defective device, because Abdulmutallab was allowed onto the flight after a man in a suit with an American accent intervened.

However, after the incident, Al-Qeada claimed responsibility saying it was revenge for the US backing of the Yemen military in attacks against the terrorist group inside Yemen.

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