Vegas Restaurant Crash By Driver Admitting To Using Drugs

About 10 people were injured at a Las Vegas restaurant after a vehicle crashed into its dining room during a busy lunch hour. Police Officer Laura Meltzer said she didn’t immediately know the number of people hurt.

There’s no information on whether anyone was killed when the vehicle hit the Egg & I restaurant on Sahara Avenue a little after 12:30 p.m. Monday. Meltzer says rescuers initially summoned at least 10 ambulances to the eatery a few blocks west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Meltzer says some of the injured may have been dining on a patio outside the restaurant, and witnesses may have grabbed the driver when he or she tried to leave the scene.

The driver has been identified as Gage James Lindsey, 18, who appeared disoriented after the crash and didn’t know what day it was. He later told police that he used drugs without prescription. Lindsey is being held in the Clark County jail on suspicion of DUI, reckless driving and leaving the scene of the Monday crash at the Egg & I restaurant.

Lindsey is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. His passenger, 21-year-old David Roldan, was not charged.

A patron who was dining with her sisters when the crash happened said she watched the car hurtling toward the restaurant and yelled out just before it burst through the plate glass.

“I screamed, ‘A car’s coming!’ and it exploded through the window,” said Suziliene McDonald. “The motor was still revving, and the dust came right after it, just like in the movies.”

Two men inside the 1993 Lexus sedan sat for a moment and then tried to run, McDonald said. Several men jumped over a short wrought-iron fence and caught them to hold them until police arrived.

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