Wife Killed Over HIV Fear By Husband Dating Prostitutes

An Arizona man claims that he killed his wife, by stabbing her to death with a 14-inch kitchen knife, over fears that she contracted HIV from him visiting prostitutes.

In addition, he decided it would be best to kill his son too because he was jobless and could not take care of himself.

Investigators said in court records that Eugene Maraventano, 64, believed his wife, Janet Maraventano, 63, was ill and feared she might test positive for cancer or a disease he had given her from prostitutes he slept with when he worked asinfor a rail line in New York.

It has not been confirmed whether Eugene or his wife had HIV or any other illness. According to police, Maraventano made several unsuccessful suicide attempts after the killings and called authorities Saturday to say he had carried out the stabbing deaths a few days earlier.

” I killed my wife, and I killed my son, ” the police document quotes Maraventano as telling a dispatcher.

Neighbors of the family were shocked to hear about the killings. “There was nothing negative aboutonto associate with Geno and his family, ” said Phil Wesson, who lives two houses away from the Maraventano home. ” There was no sign of anything for me. I knew him as the most likeable guy.”

After being treated for his injuries at a local hospital, Maraventano was taken to the jail. His bail was set at $2 million.

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