Man Wins $1 Million McDonald Prize In Wisconsin Drive-Thru

Man wins $1 million McDonald prize in Wisconsin drive-thru. An unemployed Wisconsin man won $1 million game prize from McDonald’s. Jonathan Kehoe pulled an instant tab affixed to a medium soft drink at the fast-food chain in West Allis.

The $1 million game piece just happened to be in Wisconsin. That one person just happened to be Jonathan Kehoe as he ordered lunch at McDonald’s. “Pinch me, somebody pinch me,” he said on Tuesday morning.

Kehoe says the day he pulled the winning tab at the end of October, he had his Godson with him. The young boy wanted to eat at the restaurant chain. So Kehoe drove in and ordered a McRib value meal from the drive-thru.

When he pulled the tab, Kehoe saw the Boardwalk and Park Place tickets. “I don’t think it hit me right away. I didn’t realize right away that I won. It was like I had to, um, ask a few people, ‘is this real?’ And after a couple of hours, it set in,” he said. Kehoe says he has some bills to pay off and he owes his parents some money.