Winston Churchill UFO Cover-Up Prevented Widespread Panic

Winston Churchill UFO cover-up in 1950. The alleged UFO cover-up was ordered by Winston Churchill to prevent mass panic. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill allegedly ordered the cover-up after a UFO incident in 1950.

UFO cover-up reports have surfaced since 1999, after the grandson of one of Churchill’s personal bodyguards wrote to the British Ministry of Defense hoping to learn more about the UFO incident. The mans account, along with the reaction of Churchwill, were among a new batch of files released from Britain’s National Archives.

The letter describes how the RAF World War II veteran was present when Churchill went to discuss the UFO sighting with Dwight Eisenhower. The incident involved an RAF reconnaissance plane, that was returning from either France or Germany. While in route it was intercepted by an unidentified metallic object near the English coastline.

Churchill declared that the incident should be immediately classified for at least 50 years and its status reviewed by a future Prime Minister. A Defense Ministry official’s response from September, 1999 was also among the files. It reads: “It was generally the case that before 1967 all UFO files were destroyed after five years as there was insufficient public interest in the subject to merit their permanent retention.” On the contrary, according to a separate note found, these claims were taken extremely serious by the Prime Minister and his staff.