Woman Finds $280,000 Drugs Inside Vacuum Machine At Home

Woman finds $280 000 drugs inside vacuum machine. Woman in Wisconsin finds $280,000 worth of drugs inside her vacuum cleaner. A smuggler inserted them into the box before the unit was shipped from Mexico.

A Christmas vacuum cleaner present delivered an extra. It unveiled an unexpected surprise to the woman who discovered two pounds of crystal methamphetamine. It also contained 2.2 pounds of cocaine packaged inside the gift box when she opened it.

The street value of the drugs is estimated at $280,000. Police suspect that a smuggler inserted the drugs into the vacuum cleaner box before the unit was shipped from Mexico. The police do not suspect the woman, whom they are not indentifying, of any wrongdoing in the incident.

The retailer from whom the vacuum was purchased is similarly unidentified. The police investigation is ongoing. Criminals use a number of ways to get drugs into the market. “Meth, in general, has not been a significant issue for us,” Lt. David Poteat said in a statment. “But cocaine has remained strong in this area” of Wisconsin.