Woman Stabbed 54 Times, Killer Lashon T. Hollman Convicted

A woman who was stabbed 54 times inside her apartment last year finally got justice after her killer, Lashon T. Hollman, was convicted of first-degree murder and torture.

Hollman, 21, tortured and murdered his 28-year-old neighbor inside of her apartment on February 1, 2012.

After a week and half of court hearings, the jury of eight women and four men took less 15 minutes to deliberate and convict Hollman of first-degree premeditated murder, torture, and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

He faces a mandatory term of life in prison without the chance of parole when sentenced May 9.

A County Medical Examiner who testified during the trial said Cassandra Nelson probably fell unconscious after being hit with the television set, stopped breathing and aspirated — drowned in her own blood — after a couple of minutes. Nelson’s body was then stabbed 54 times in the upper back, back and neck. Police found the bloody knife underneath Nelson’s bed.

Hollman, who at first denied his involvement in the incident, lowered his head and cried when the verdict was read. He is scheduled for a May 9 sentencing hearing before Saginaw County Circuit Judge Darnell Jackson, who also presided over the trial.

Hollman lowered his head and cried as he listened to the verdict. Defense lawyer Matthew Frey has said there were “unexplainable details that don’t make sense” in the case.

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