WWII Veteran Joseph Pinsky Graduates From College

WWII Veteran Joseph Pinsky has finally graduated from Brooklyn’s Kingsborough Community College among his fellow classmates. The 85-year-old wore his cap and gown proudly as he went up to receive his associate’s degree after 10 years at the school.

The retired grandfather credited his wife, Rosalind, who encouraged him to get out there and do something with his retirement.

“I’m very proud of him because I asked him, ‘What are you going to do when you retire? You have to do something,’ ” Rosalind stated to CBS.

“I did that to waste time because she said, ‘Get out of the house,’ ” Pinsky said about his schooling.

One day, Joseph fell on campus, and they contacted Rosalind to let her know what happened to her husband.

“I get to the school, I go in and he’s surrounded by a load of women, and he’s playing some video games,” said Rosalind.

Due to various health issues with he and his wife, it took Joseph 10 years to graduate; however, he never gave up on his goal.

“Believe it or not, working with young people, it was stimulating, and they treated me like one of the group,” the Wwii Veteran stated.

“It keeps your mind active, and that’s important,” he added.

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