Youngest M.D. Sho Yano Earns Degree In Chicago

Sho Yano, 21, is the youngest medical student to ever been awarded an M.D. and he’s not done yet because he has major plans at the University of Chicago.

Yano embarked into college when he was only 9, then he began medical school when he was 12, now at the age of 21, he is going to be awarded his M.D. from Pritzker School of Medicine which is the M.D. granting unit of the Biological Sciences Division of the University of Chicago.

The young M.D. began this remarkable journey early in life, by the age of 2 he was reading, by 3 he was writing and by 5, he was composing music.

“I never understood that,” Yano said. “Why would being allowed to challenge yourself be considered more damaging that being totally bored?”

Sho began studying at the University of Chicago in 2003.

“I remember interviewing him … this nice, polite, 11-year-old boy, dressed in a little suit,” said Dr. Joel Scwab, a professor of pediatrics who was on the admission’s committee. “He was never going to be among typical 11-year-olds, where his mother would drive him to Little League. He was going to be a doctor.”

Currently, Yano is preparing to do his residency in pediatric neurology; he decided that he wanted this career, when he was interning at LaRabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

“I really liked not just taking care of kids, but the way the whole team worked together,” he said.

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