Zip-Tied 4-Year-Old Found By North Carolina Police

Police say a girl was zip-tied to a baby gate in North Carolina and removed the 4-year-old from the home after the child’s wrists and ankles were bound.

North Carolina authorities say 26-year-old Gerald Thomas Swinehart and 28-year-old Marlaine Victoria Coffey are accused of tying the child to a gate with plastic zip ties of a type normally used by electricians.

They also say Swinehart pushed or kicked the girl so hard her lower teeth broke through her lower lip.

It was Swinehart’s girlfriend who took the child to a hospital to be treated, using a false name for the child, before they left for Florida.

Arrest warrants say the abuse occurred earlier this year. The child was taken into the custody of social services on March 31.

Swinehart is charged with two counts of intentional child abuse inflicting serious physical injury and is being held under $100,000 bond. 

Coffey faces one count and is being held under $50,000 bond. It’s not known if they have attorneys.

Should Swinehart make bail, the judge intends to keep a close watch on this father. It is believed he will have to wear a monitoring bracelet should he be released.

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