Zookeeper In Sweden Dies From Wolf Attack

A female zookeeper in Sweden has died after being attacked by wolves in their enclosure in country’s largest zoo.

The TT news agency quoted Kolmarden Wildlife Park animal director Mats Hoggren as saying the experienced 30-year-old woman was by herself in the pen when the attack occurred Sunday morning, and that zoo workers often enter the area alone.

The enclosure reportedly contains eight wolves. Park workers first realized that something had gone wrong when their colleague failed to maintain radio contact.

The Aftonbladet daily quoted Hoggren as saying zoo workers and paramedics entered the pen after forming a human chain and arming one person, but it was too late.

According to CNN, the zoo’s website described the victim as a long-time employee of the park who had worked with these wolves “since they were born.”

Hoggren said there were no witnesses to the attack at the park, which is 90 miles south of Stockholm.

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