Plug In Hybrid Cars Advances Human Civilization

Plug In Cars Operate On Hybrid Technologies

It was once a myth that plug in hybrid cars would be in high demand. We’ve seen electric cars in everything from cartoons to science fiction movies that showcase a world where vehicles run on battery or clean energy. Fifteen years ago, it was almost laughable to even think an automobile could refuel itself at home, awaiting for its driver to take the next commute.

Plug In Hybrid Cars Advances Human Civilization

We can now say that plug in rechargeable vehicles are becoming a way of life. A way to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, to save our environment, and to save money for consumers. Most of the automakers are betting everything on future electric vehicles as the most efficient way to meet cleaner global objectives.

For example, General Motors Corp is betting everything on its Chevrolet Volt car. Some argue that the vehicle is not a hybrid, but a true plug in electric car solution. The eco-friendly vehicle has gone through several revisions in an effort to extend its mileage.

Next year is going to be an incredible time in history as the automakers compete with the all-electric vehicle market. GM has everything to lose if the Chevy Volt flops. However, recent information indicates that the car maker is on the right track.

Most plug-in cars can travel anywhere between 40 to 50 miles on a single battery charge. This is an impressive revelation, that a battery powered automobile can already achieve those distances. The travel involves clean energy, zero carbon emissions, and all without using a single drop of gasoline.

Human civilization is rapidly advancing, more so during the past 25 years than any other time before, and the ability to travel in an automobile that was charged from an electrical outlet at home advances us further. Hybrid cars are advancing as fast as computers did during the mid-1980s. The next challenge for automakers is to design a plug-less vehicle.

Perhaps during the next 25 years, scientists and engineers will develop ways for cars to travel without the need of electricity or batteries. The cars tomorrow might even use the Earth’s gravitational pull to travel. Who knows what the future will hold, but what we do know is that we are winning the fight against rising foreign oil prices while cleaning our environment.

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